Icelandic Angelica Leaf Extract

What is Archangelica Angelica? 

SagaNatura´s products are all based on research. For the past 30 years, our group has studied bioactive molecules from Angelica leaf and seed extracts and evaluated their efficacy in preclinical studies and clinical trials. The extensive research background has helped us develop products with a sound scientific basis. We only market products that have real value for the consumer.

Out of Iceland’s many medicinal herbs, Angelica Archangelica is the one most deeply rooted in the country’s history. Angelica is one of the few plants in Iceland that survived the last ice age and it has been used in Iceland for 1100 years.

Iceland‘s founding fathers held this potent plant in high esteem and used it for various medicinal purposes. It was considered so valuable in medieval times that Iceland’s first lawbook specifically banned Angelica theft.

Angelica´s effectiveness

Our research team has uncovered a wide array of bioactive compounds in different plant parts. These compounds are thought to be of help in reducing or preventing a diverse range of health problems.

  • Maintain bladder health
  • Sooth sore vocal cords
  • Reduce frequent urination
  • Memory support

Angelica Leaf Extract

Angelica leaf extract has been used in Iceland for more than a decade to treat cold symptoms and to minimize bathroom trips for persons with overactive bladder.

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