Astaxanthin oil

What is Astaxanthin? 

We produce our natural Icelandic Astaxanthin AstaKeyTM from the microalgae Haematococcus Pluvialis. Microalgae are an under-utilized source of nutrients, proteins, lipids and fibers coming from the bottom of the food chain. Our microalgae thrive in pure sustainable Icelandic spring water and yield high-quality astaxanthin. The energy utilized during production comes from renewable geothermal and hydroelectric sources.

Our production processes are equally innovative and sustainable. We harness Iceland’s ge­othermal energy and hydroelectric power and help to combat climate change by breaking down carbon dioxide, and our only waste product is oxygen. A closed tank technology offers more growth per square meter, easier assembly, and easier cleaning and disinfecting. We ensure supply, safety and quality of algae in any type of climate.

The quality of Astaxanthin can be traced to the production process and ingredients, where hygiene and quality of water sources are of high importance.

Our Astaxanthin, AstaKey, is of the highest quality due to Iceland´s pristine water and air in our production. Our patent-pending closed tank technology allows us to clean and disinfect the tanks to the fullest and there is no outside pollution.

Our pure Astaxanthin powder can be produced in 2,5-3,5%. Due to high quality, the powder can be used and consumed at any stage.

Astaxanthin Oil

Food grade natural astaxanthin oil extracted from Haematococcus pluvialis with supercritical CO2. Contains astaxanthin with added mixed tocopherols and standardized with sunflower oil.

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