KeyNatura focuses on consumer health products from microalgae, producing high-quality  Astaxanthin oleoresin and powder for the international nutraceutical and food supplement market.

All of our Astaxanthin is produced in a closed photobioreactor using hydroelectric power and geothermal energy.Astaxanthin is the most powerful antioxidant that nature has to offer and has many indications, such as for cardiovascular health, eyes, ligaments, and skin, all backed up by research.


SagaNatura cares about the environment. We make every effort being responsible during harvesting of our precious Angelica archangelica by cutting leaves of plants in a way so the plant will be able to grow and provide leaves in the following year. We also protect the environment by hand harvesting thus no heavy machinery are used that would otherwise harm the environment.

The SagaNatura microalgae culture utilizes only pure Icelandic water and our cultivation system is designed in a way to minimize water loss by evaporation. We also only use clean energy and the latest energy saving LED lighting technology to support the growth of our dear microalgae.


Innovation is the name of the game at SagaNatura, we are continuously developing and testing new products and manufacturing equipment. This spirit has resulted in a patent pending microalgae culturing technology (photobioreactor) that utilizes significantly less space and energy per kg microalgae biomass than other traditional photobioreactors.

We also offer innovative products such as SagaPro and AstaLýsi which are unique on the world market. We have many other fantastic product offerings and our Product development department is continually working on new formulations in collaboration with our clients that are positioned all around the world.


We care about offering the best products with proven bioactivity and bioavailability. Our R&D department is responsible for clinical trials, pharmacokinetic studies and preclinical assays on our Angelica archangelica and Astaxanthin products. In addition to our in house studies we also work with universities and research institutes in Iceland and abroad.

We employ scientists with PhD and MS degrees ranging from chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology and food science and maintain an active database of scientific articles to stay on top of the newest science to make sure new product are according to the latest scientific research.