Saga Natura has finished the harvesting of Angelica archangelica this summer in Iceland. Thanks to the pure nature, clean water and beautiful weather in this country, Saga Natura harvesting team has successfully collected the target amount of Angelica leaves for the next year.

Saga Natura believes in preserving and fostering Icelandic nature. The team always applies a sustainable and eco-friendly harvesting and production process that protects the Icelandic environment. Angelica is harvested from the wild in collaboration with local farmers to sustain the local economy and prevent overuse of natural resources during extraction. In its production processes, Saga Natura uses renewable geothermal energy to minimize waste and the impact on the environment. To maintain the best quality of the leaves, Saga Natura grows it in their own fields through fully-organic cultivation. Controlling growth conditions and crops enables the company to optimize yield of Angelica leaves with a minimal number of plants and reduces batch-to-batch variability.

Our hero product, SagaPro® Bladder Health, is made from Angelica leaves extract and has been clinically proven to be an efficient solution targeting overactive bladder symptoms. For those who suffer from OAB, this natural treatment has been a top-selling non-prescription urinary product.